Michael Atkins


Founder and President

Mr. Atkins assist Boards, Executives and Investors with transition management. He has held the positions of Director, CEO and President several companies.

Specialty areas: Aerospace, Banking, Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Software and Government, 

Kevin P. Greeley


  Managing Partner  Infrastructure Services Division 

Mr. Greeley assists clients in management of planning, designing, implementing, and supporting technology infrastructure systems with global corporate and government clients. 

Specialty areas: Information Technology, Healthcare, Legal and Government

Jose M. Ockerman


Managing Partner 

Client Services Division 

Mr. Ockerman manages the IT integration process of multi-global organizations with skills in operations management, enterprise software conversion including ISO, QDM, QA, QMS and Agile SDLC. 

Specialty areas: Information Technology, Logistics, Distribution and Retail